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Kaeng Se   A Thai Cayenne. (Capsicum annuum)
Kahari Mirch   From India. 2 inch long, upright growing peppers. Heat level is 6.5 A type of chile de Arbol.
© Fatalii's Chiles
A multi coloured bell with small to medium large, 3-4 lobed peppers. Colours range from lilac to yellow to orange to red. Fruits grow in size to 3 inches by 4 inches. (Capsicum baccatum)
Kaleidoskop   See Kaleidoscope.
Kalia   From India. Deep red, short, with smooth skin. Pointed tip. Heat level is 6. 
Kalman's Hungarian Tomato Pepper   Flattened pimento type, 2 inches long, 4-5 inches wide, thick flesh sweet flavour. A Hungarian family heirloom from Kalman Jajvort, Edison, N.J. USA.
Kalocsa Paprika
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Growing 4-5" by 1-1.25". Medium thin flesh maturing from green to brown to red. (Capsicum annuum)
Kalocsai 50   One of the Hungarian/Bulgarian sweet Paprika cultivars.
Kalocsai 621   One of the Hungarian/Bulgarian hot Paprika cultivars.
Kalocsai 90   One of the Hungarian/Bulgarian sweet Paprika cultivars.
Kalocsai E-15   One of the Hungarian/Bulgarian sweet Paprika cultivars.
Kalocsai M
© Mats & Patricia Pettersson
(Capsicum annuum)
Kalocsai Sweet Spice Paprika   Red paprika chile pods growing to 5 inches long on a 2 foot tall bush. 72 days.
Kaloska   See Kolasca.
Kamphaengsaen   90-100 days. 16-17cm long and slender. Matures to glossy dark red. Mild heat.
Kandil   Sweet yellow pepper. (Capsicum annuum)
Kannara   An annual hybrid from Korean origin. They are early ripening to red and grow to 9-10cm long. The packet states that the dried peppers are hotter than the fresh ones.
Karisma F1 
© Harris Moran
Fruit smooth, glossy uniform and blocky turning from green to red and are large to extra large in size.
Karl 1   Big green to red pendant peppers.
Karma   The fruits are large, heavy and blocky with smooth shoulders, thick walls and attractive dark green to intense red colour. Its strong plant reaches 24 - 34 inches tall and is ideal for staking. Karma has TMV resistance and excellent foliage cover for sun protection.
Karma F1    A sweet Bell type growing 5 to 6 inches long by 3 to 4 inches wide with thick flesh that matures from green to red. (Capsicum annuum)
Kashmir   The true Kashmir chile is native to the northern-most state of India and is much in demand for its bright crimson colouring, a quality it imparts to cooking. So much is the Kashmir chile (Kashmir Mirch) in demand that there is not enough total annual crop, to go round, and pretenders or mock-Kashmir chiles are passed off in its place. The true Kashmiri chile is deep crimson with a smooth, shiny, thin skin when dried. It is about 5 cm long by 2.5 cm wide and has a fruity flavour. Heat level is 4.
Kashmir Mirch   See Kashmir.
Kaskad (Cascade)
A Russian sweet paprika with high yields (45-50 pods per plant at once) Pods (50-55 g) growing 14-18 cm long by 3.5-4.0 cm wide with thin flesh (2.0-2.5 mm). 79-85 days from transplant. Maturing light green to red. Excellent paprika flavour. Developed by VNIISSOK (Russian Institute of vegetable seeds & selection research).
Katumbal   See Siling Labuyo.
Kekova F1
© De Ruiter Seeds
Demre type. Sweet pepper. Mint green wrinkled flesh. Developed by De Ruiter Seeds.
Kellu Uchu   A Peruvian variety that ripens to a glowing golden colour. See Aji Amarillo.
Kelvin   A sweet pepper matures to a yellow colour. It is mosaic virus resistant and strong against blossom end rot and russeting.
Kenyan   A smallish chile about 5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide, gently tapering to a rounded point. It is almost identical to the Fresno chile. Heat level is 5. It can be substituted for the Jalapeño.
Kerala   A bell pepper that matures from green to an orange colour. Thick walled.
Kerinting   A thin Cayenne type pepper from Malaysia. In the local dialect, Kerinting means 'curly hair'.
Keritang   An extremely thin Cayenne from Indonesia.
Kerkira F1   No info!
Key Largo F1
© Harris Moran
62 days. Fruits are up to 2 inches longer and 3-4 days earlier than standard Cubanelle types. The flesh is sweet, mild with attractive yellow-green to red exterior appearance. It's a medium large plant with excellent foliage cover for fruit protection. (Capsicum annuum)
Key West X3R
© Stokes Seeds
70 days. Long lime green Cubanelle type pepper. Ripens to red. (Capsicum annuum)
Keystone Resistant Giant   No info!
Keystone Resistant Giant Strain 3
© Totally Tomatoes
75 days to maturity. Resistant to TMV. Large, green, thick-walled sweet pepper giving heavy yields. Pepper is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. Plant grows with slightly spreading habit.
Khorika Jolokia   This chilli is known as ‘khorika’ (meaning very thin stick) due to its slender shape. From Assam. (Capsicum annuum)
Kiawah   Pods can reach 5 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter. They are pendant with a wrinkled, irregular shape, tapering to a point and turn bright red at maturity. Plants can exceed 4 feet in height and are very prolific.
Kim-Chi F1
© Evergreen Seeds
Kim-Chi is an early maturing hybrid hot pepper, developed by a leading seed breeder in Korea. This variety produces fruits with 14-15 cm long and 1.7-1.9 cm in diameter, 14-15 cm in length and 14-15 grams in weight. Fruits in pendent habit are dark green in skin colour when immature and turn into red when matured. Dark green peppers in nearly maturing stage are very pungent. (Capsicum annuum)
King Arthur F1
© Harris Moran
75 days. Sweet bell pepper, 3-4 lobes, growing to 20cm square. Matures to red. Tolerant to TMV, PVY and TEV. Early ripening. (Capsicum annuum)
King of the North
© Plants of Distinction
Sweet pepper that has large 6 inch green fruits that mature to red. 60 days. (Capsicum annuum)
Kishinev   A Moldavian heirloom pepper. 75 days. Thick fleshed, squat pepper that turns bright red when mature.
Kitikot   See Siling Labuyo.
KKU Cluster    This pepper is a Cayenne type from the Capsicum annuum family, and is native to Thailand.
Klari Baby Cheese
© Cross Country Nurseries
A sweet, white, miniature cheese pepper with no bitterness. From Hungary. (Capsicum annuum)
Klondike Bell   A bell pepper that matures from green to a yellow colour with an orange tinge. Thick walled. 72 days. TMV tolerant.
Kolasca   Paprika From Hungary. Mild 4-5 inches long.
Korea Winner F1
© Evergreen Seeds
This hybrid variety developed in Korea is very prolific, producing lots of fruits for a long season. Plants, in upright and tall, grow vigorously in warm climates. Long and tapered fruits, 6" in length and 0.5" in diameter, are dark green in early stage and turn into bright red when fully matured. (Capsicum annuum)
Korean Hot
© Cross Country Nurseries
Related to Thai chile. Bright green, slightly curving with a taper to a point. Grows to 4 inches long. From Korea, Japan and California. (Capsicum annuum)
Korean Maraca   Similar in texture to the Ethiopian Thunder with the roughish thin walled outer covering. 
Korean Winner   See Korea Winner F1.
Kori Sitakame
© Cross Country Nurseries
A medium-sized pod that is sweet and hot. Found in Norogachi, a Tarahumara pueblo nestled in the mountains of Chihuahua. (Capsicum annuum)
Kouros F1   No info!
© Cross Country Nurseries
Mildly hot Andean Aji type. Maturing from green to red. 115 days. (Capsicum baccatum)
Krakatoa F1   Compact 'ornamental edible' producing masses of upright pale green, turning vivid red chiles. (Capsicum annuum)
Krimzon Lee F1    Hybrid, beautiful big 5-8"x 2" peppers, thick fleshed Paprika type, holds heat in ribs. Sweet and spicy thick flesh. (Capsicum annuum)
KT-1 F1   Turning orange at maturity. Developed by Nirit Seeds Ltd.
Ku Chu   A curving pointed chile with thin walls. (Capsicum annuum)
Kukulkan F1
© Stokes Seeds
F1 hybrid Habanero. Heavy yields. Fruit matures light green to orange. 60 days. (Capsicum annuum)
Kulai   Developed in Malaysia. Plant height is 70-80 cm, fruit length 10-15 cm, fruit weight is 7-10 gm. Very hot taste. Moderately resistant to anthracnose and virus. Resistant to Bacterial Leaf Blight.
Kundu F1   Dolma type pepper. Developed by Enza Zaden.
Kung Pao F1
© Burpee
A hot Cayenne type growing 4 to 5 inches long by 0.375 to 0.5 inches wide with thin flesh that matures from green to bright red. (Capsicum annuum)
Kunja   Cayenne type from Korea.
Kurnool   Capsicum frutescens. Plant produces good yields of 2" long by ½" wide hot peppers. Peppers turn from green to red when mature. From India.