Amateur Radio

All about the Amateur Radio activities of G6CSY; including a contest blog and contest results, photographs from the past, modes operated, callsigns activated, some of the amateur radio awards that I am chasing, and my annual activity stats. I have also included a webpage on how to convert a logbook stored in Excel spreadsheet format, in to the ADIF format, suitable for uploading in to a DXLab DXKeeper logbook.


July 2013 - I have rewritten the front page for the website. Deleted iPod webpage as not getting updated often enough.

February 2013 - added iPod webpage.

November 2012 - Removed the flora/fauna webpages as they didn't look right. May add a fungi specific webpage next year.

My computing history

My first ever computer was a home-built Compukit UK101. It arrived as a double A4 sized circuit board and a large bag of components. In those days you didn't get a keyboard, you got a bag of lettered switches that had to be individually soldered in place on the circuit board. The operating system had to be loaded each time from a C-30 cassette tape. It came with 1k of memory RAM, and buying extra RAM to double it to 2k cost 18 in those days.

I then migrated to a Commodore Pet, then to a BBC model B, and through the the various IBM machines: 286, 386, Pentium, Pentium II, Pentium III, etc. After various laptops, I am now in my current configuration of a hi-spec quad-core machine, with lots of RAM, an internal 1Tb drive, two 500Gb backup drives and dual screen. It seems to work fairly well!

About me

A silver surfer of many years Internet activity. Currently looking for work (made redundant after 32 years!), while keeping active by writing HTML code, gardening, walking, cycling and lots and lots of reading (both fiction and college-level science books).

FYI - the bike, called 'Windy', is a Claud Butler Windemere. It's a hybrid bike with semi-chunky tyres, 21 gears, straight handlebars and a panier rack. I don't wear lycra!

C96 Broomhandle Mauser

Before handguns were totally banned in the U.K., I used to very much enjoy target shooting at the Dartford 'Stone Lodge' range, with a Standard Wartime Commercial variant of a C96 Broomhandle Mauser. As well as researching it's history and the timeline of it's evolution, I also developed different loads and then tried to track down films and T.V. programs where the distinctive Broomhandle Mauser pistol had appeared.

U.K. Chile Head

I am the UK Chile Head, with a deep love of all chile peppers, be they large or small, hot to sweet. As well as growing them, I also cook with them. The highlight of the website though, is the "Chile Pepper Database". With thousands of varieties listed and hundreds of photographs, it is a labour of love spanning many years of work! Unfortunately, this being the Internet, it has been ripped off by several other websites, all claiming it as their own work.


I am a FUN-GUY! Here are some of the photographs I have taken of the many mushrooms and toadstools encountered on by me when on cycle rides, or on walks through the woods and lanes of the local countryside. Most of the images are taken with a Sony digital camera at 5Mb (for record) and 200Kb (for Internet upload).


Since the very early years of connecting to the Internet, I have been spammed. In those early days I made the fatal mistake of including my one and only e-mail address on a website page. Years later and that harvested e-mail address has appeared on dozens of spammers 'mailing lists'. The result used to be an inbox with around 200-300 spam e-mails every day. These days filters keep it down to around 10-15 spam e-mails. Here I detail some of the $BILLIONS$ I have 'won', inherited from deceased Nigerian royalty who happen to be long lost family members, as well as cars, gold bars, laptop computers, football tickets, oilfields and houses!

River Cray

A photo journal of the first 3km going downstream from the source of the River Cray in Kent.